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Organise your clothes with fixed or adjustable shelves available in thicknesses from 18 to 36mm. 


Hanging Rails

Hanging rails give plenty of storage space and allow your clothes to be stored without ceasing. They also give the best view of your clothes, making it easier to pick your outfits. The bars can be installed from side to side or from front to back, depending on the available space.


Pull-down Hanging Rails

The pull-down hanger will be great if your wardrobe is very tall and does not have a shelf at the top. Thanks to its balancing supports and its pull handle, you can easily and effortlessly pull down the rail whenever you want.


Handle-less Drawers

Get a modern minimalist style with our handleless drawers which are easy to open because of their low drawer fronts. With more gentle and seamless opening and closing, Metro’s drawers come with long-lasting soft closing runners.



Drawers With Handles

Drawers are perfect for giving you extra space to store all your items. Metro's drawers have long-lasting soft-closing runners for more smooth and seamless opening and closing. To give a perfect finish to your drawers, we provide a range of handles to match your style.


Glass-fronted Drawers

When keeping belts and handbags or just checking which shirt is at the bottom of the stack, internal glass front drawers offer good visibility of the contents inside. This keeps your valuables organised and clean while also making it simple to choose what you need.


Glass Shelves

A glass shelf is a great way to show off your items while keeping them organized. Our Glass shelves are 10mm thick and available in a variety of sizes.


Internal LED Lights

Finding the ideal outfit can be made easier in your room with the help of our interior wardrobe LED lights. Our internal LED lights are available in cool and warm white tones and can be sensor- or switch-operated. 


Glass Top

 If you are looking to make a good impression with your desk or a chest of drawers, our glass tops will be perfect for you. They provide a shiny, transparent surface that adds a little sparkle to your room and makes it seem more spacious and luxurious. They are also durable, so they will add extra protection to your surfaces. 


Pull-out Shoe Racks

A pull-out shoe rack is a great way to transform the space available and to store shoes in a way that’s smart and organised, rather than a messy pile. Metro's Shoe racks come with long-lasting soft closing runners that give smooth and seamless opening and closing.


Trouser Racks

A pull-out trouser rack will be a great accessory if you value easy daily access to your trousers that will never have any creases again. You can pull it out fully to have a clear view of all your clothing and pick up the one you need.


Pull-out tie and Belt Racks

A pull – out tie rack is an ideal accessory for organising your ties or belts inside your wardrobe. It can be installed inside of your wardrobe or at the back of the wardrobe’s door and it allows you to keep your ties and belts your fingertips.


Jewellery Drawers

Modern jewelry drawers are a great way to keep your jewelry organised and easily accessible. You can choose to have built-in partitions or buy dividers for your drawer as per your storage needs. The standard height of a jewelry drawer is 150 mm.



We offer lock systems for hinged doors and internal drawers so that you can store your belongings out of sight and safely.

Fitted Furniture Collection By Metro Wardrobes

Metro Wardrobe specialises in fitted furniture and home furnishings. We are a one-stop solution for your interior needs. As an established company, we have evolved from solely providing bespoke-fitted furniture to giving our clients a complete experience from concept to completion. Our success in delivering high-quality furniture over the years has led us to expand our business potential and cater to a wider market.

We have a wide collection of fitted wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes, home offices, and living space furniture. Our collections have been aesthetically displayed in a way that stimulates your ideas on how to decorate your internal space. With the knowledge and expertise of our interior sales designers, we can guarantee you will receive the guidance you need to transform your space affordably.

We have a fully automated factory developed using modern technology. Investing in our smart factory has allowed us to efficiently run the production process of our orders, and our timescale has been significantly reduced. Manufacturing is an important aspect of the process; over the years, we have trialed and tested suppliers for every component to ensure we collaborate with the best in the country. Most of our team members come from interior design, manufacturing, and engineering backgrounds. We refresh and catch up on current trends, new product launches, international fares, and studio exhibitions.

Our entire process, starting from inquiring to fitting your dream wardrobe at your place, is extremely seamless and easy. All you have to do is send us an inquiry, and we'll do the rest.